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MV Zuiderkruis

"Less busy, More focus, Less news, More art, Less complaint, More appreciation, Less noise, More peace, Less hate, More love." Robin Sharma tweet May 28, 2016.

"Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely. Light and colour, peace and hope, will keep them company to the end, or almost to the end of the day". Winston Churchill 1920 published in the Strand magazine.

So each of these recitations about life written almost 100 years apart are important to the artist. Why do we paint? Are we thinking about peace and hope? Are we focusing on the art to distract us from what's really happening in our lives? Are we trying to improve the world around us or trying to impress? Are we complaining less and being more appreciative, less noisy, less busy, less hateful and more loving, peaceful and focused.

I'm a relative newcomer to art but it has changed the way I see things and hopefully the way I feel and act. Every scene, flower, tree, barn, seascape, boats that I see, I want to paint. I just can't do all that but I see the hues, colours, contrasts, shapes, atmosphere and all the things that make a good painting work. Now I can't do all this but I'd like to and often try. I think it's the anticipation and the trying that makes it all come together. Yes, I see things differently and don't get caught up in all the details that seem to change even as the sun moves across the sky. A good metaphor for life too. Light and Colour , Peace and Hope will keep you company 'til the end of the day.

(posted on 7 Mar 2016)

Of course it's creative and there are many benefits credited to the craze of adult colouring books. The creativity comes in the form of choosing the colour combinations and performing the act of colouring. Just doing it is a positive calming step for many who have problems such as boredom, depression, stresses, grieving, health issues etc. BUT in the end they have a book full of their efforts and really nothing more to show for it. Is it mindless? Is it time wasting? I'd have to say NO, but on the otherhand with a very little more effort on the colourer's part they could actually be creating their own drawings and colouring them and actually be an artist with creations of their own bringing pride of accomplishment into the act of colouring.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and the artist is the first eye to see it and behold it. Many times an art piece doesn't turn out the way the artist had intended and the artist is then not happy with the work BUT someone else will come along and just love the piece. The same goes for a random sketch which has been coloured and produced by a beginner adult colourist. It could bring happiness to them and to their friends and family.

Just do it. Draw something, Colour it, Don't show anybody, show somebody, post it on facebook, put it in a drawer, Who cares, It's all yours and you can do whatever you like with your creation.

Do you feel better now??

Rod Winning

Wisdom Series  Yearning.   4

(posted on 20 Jan 2016)

Jan 27th, from 2 to 4 pm at Gallery 1710, South Delta Artists Guilds premier Art Gallery Myself and Dennis will be hosting Tea and Art as part of our ART SHOW SNL149 ROD WINNING which opens Jan 25 to Jan 31. The tea party is opened to local invited senior homes as we really enjoy them coming out to our shows as a group, have a little Tea and Cookies, comment on the art and generally have a nice day out. We'll even have some prizes for them.

Our Show Reception will be Jan 28 thursday 7 to 10 pm and is open of course to all who wish to come and see what we do in the name of art.

Check out my new Wisdom Series of thoughtful pen & ink coloured drawings.

Gallery 1710 is at 1710 56th St Tsawwassen right on the bus route too.

Although our art is always for sale, we do appreciate your looking and talking as well.

Com and see us at the Reception, for Tea and Cookies or any time from Monday to Sunday

from 11 am to 8pm ( wed to 7pm, sun to 4pm )

Comments always appreciated.

(posted on 15 Dec 2015)

It's always a big decision buying just the right gift for your wife or husband and once that part is done it's still a concern to have just the right wrapping to show it off and make it extra special. It's another decision as to just the right time to present the gift for just the right maximum effect. Then, what do you say at that actual presentation time? So many things to think of and even then you have your fingers crossed that you did all the right things at just the right time.

Come to think about it, gift giving can be quite stressful.


Just talking can sometimes be the greatest gift of all. Of course you have to have a conversation and say the right words but how tough can that be.

At this Christmas time, especially, and throughout the year, keep in mind the importance of YOUR WORDS to others. Sometimes that's all you'll need. Be there for your friends and loved ones and talk to them and the right words will be there for you, and remember

Words don't need wrapping to give them away.

Rod WinningJust walking    LMW

(posted on 12 Dec 2014)

Because I love painting it has become my hobby. I like to paint, my wife likes my paintings as do my friends. I've sold several paintings even to people I don't know, which is a real thrill each time.

I paint usually at my home studio but was encouraged to join the South Delta Artists Guild 3 years ago and found it to be valuable as a great place to paint in the workshop and to hang paintings to show off and possibly even sell for the lowest price of all $3.00 to hang and 15% commission to the SDAG. The friends I have met and the information I derive from those friendships is invaluable. There is all the advice one could hope to get, available just for the talking. I haven't even mentioned the wonderful Workshops and Seminars that are brought to us almost monthly. Each one is an opportunity to hone the skills and learn new ideas.

When I belong to an organization and I feel I get real value, I also feel that I should contribute back. Some people like to just contribute money, but usually I will offer my time and talents and try to make it a better place for all and to ensure the organizations success.

Why is it then that the Peter Principle seems to be always with us. That's the 80/20 principle where 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. Our Board of Directors is 14 people out of 140 total membership. They do most of the work along with another dozen people that do lots as well. The rest of the membership just use the facility and although they appreciate what they have, there is no consideration for who makes it work. I often think that if our rates were higher, there would be more appreciation of the value of our guild. It's like the Perceived Value theory that if something is cheap, it can't be worth much. Vice Versa, if it is expensive then it must be valuable. But then is free advice worth what you pay for it?

What is really needed, at every organization, is a feeling of belonging and a need to contribute. Time is usually worth more than money but both are needed. Some people have the time and not the funds. Some have the funds and not the time. That's how it works.

The moral is, Whichever organization you belong to, do your part to change the Peter Prinicple to at least 50/50 and increase the Perceived Value belonging and contributing.

Rod Winning

(posted on 21 Nov 2014)

Lines and Colours is a showing of the artworks of Rod Winning and SNL149 at Gallery 1710, South Delta Artists Guilds premium art gallery at 1710 56th Street Tsawwassen BC. Hanging Nov 24 2014 to Nov 30, open all day every day 10am to 5pm or later by appointment. Thursday evening 7 to 9:30 the musical reception will be welcoming friends or the artists, family, clients and guests. Food and refreshments being served and painting for kids and adults alike to make this a fun family affair.

Rod Winning has been painting landscapes etc in Watercolour and Acrylic since 2009 and SNL149 (Dennis) has a unique style of line drawing / painting. The show is definitely worth the stop by to see and possibly even buy something for the house or for Christmas.

The South Delta Artists Guild is about to celebrate it's 40th anniversary 2015 and with a membership of over 130 is a strong advocate for artists in the community. Members can paint ( in the guild's workshop ) and hang paintings ( in the guild's own first class art gallery) and eat and cook ( in the guild's own kitchen ). Yes, the Kiwanis Longhouse in Tsawwassen is our building for all of our activities. 3 week Member Shows and Sales every month and 1 week private member or guest shows every month.

The SDAG is wholly volunteer and runs very well with an active membership.

Come out to see the Lines and Colours show any day. Monday Nov 24 to Sun Nov 30th.

Rod Winning 604-340-8279

Difficult to name a show with such variety. One photographer Lorne Turner, an accomplished photographer from Richmond BC. One artist from the DTES area of Vancouver BCm Ken Foster known as a street artist. Dennis Walsh (aka SNL149) a line artist from Tsawwassen BC and myself Rod Winning a relative newbie watercolour and acrylic artist from Ladner BC.

The show hangs Aug 25 and runs to Sept 1, 2014 at GALLERY 1710 The South Delta Artist Guilds beautiful fine art gallery at 1710 56ths Street Tsawwassen BC. A reception will be held Aug 26 630 - 9pm but the coffee will be on throughout the show.

This show will be a little different with a wide selection of art and pics as well as a few sculptures by SNL149.

We produced a poster which has been plastered everywhere and a handout personal invitation card which seem to be well received by all. If nothing else, those who got a card will probably keep it whether they show up or not.

We've been announced in the Delta Optimist Newspaper on Aug 22 and in the South Delta Leader online an have interest from many areas to visit with us.

Did we do enough to get people to come out? Always hard to tell. I find it's hardest to get friends to come as I think they have some feeling of obligation to buy their friends paintings. It's easier to just not show up for any reason than to come our and not buy. I try to let them know that I always appreciate praise and or criticism and never expect people to buy my art. When it does happen, I am thrilled and excited but I generally paint for myself and just love it that my family and friends like my art.

The show is just that, a place to show off my work in one place, sharing with other like minded artists. Sales are welcome but visitors and art lovers are more welcomed. I'll try and get some of my newer work onto my web page This website is done by th Artsites people Rochelle and Geof who have really helped me.

SeeYou at the show.


LOCAL AND BEYOND is a showing of art by myself Rod Winning. 27 pces at the Tsawwassen Library Art Room

Inspiration: 'I SEE YOU' did it for me.

Sometimes the things that inspire you and bring ideas into your head are simple. It's like when you're sittng with a pen or paint brush in your hand, and a blank paper just waiting for the first mark and you can't get started. Writers block or blank out.

Well I was recently inspired by one of my simple paintings. Yes something I created from scratch, inspired me to do other things. Not necessarily an ispiration for a painting but being inspired to actually get going and do somthing. You see it's easy to just get through the day keeping busy but not accomplishing. Retired people have to plan their days and make sure to keep active, busy and worthwhile. Hobbies are fine but that's just not enough for most. If you have a hobby, then make it fun and get active. Volunteer and join the local group of that hobby. Get others involved and make it your business to become an expert at your hobby. Maybe it's golf, tennis, lawnbowling or another sport. Maybe it's reading, writing, debating, crafts or painting.

My hobby is painting and like most things you do, you get better as you do it more often. I got involved with the South Delta Artists Guild and joined other painters in a quest to not only get better but to enjoy. I network with other artists and enjoy the Painting, Learning, Showing and even selling paintings.

My little painting 9 x 12 acrylic I SEE YOU with the birds, people, animals and eyes talks to me and makes me want to do something. Hopefully something important enough to satisfy the need to not just keep busy but to be productive and worthwhile among friends and family.

I hope you can see something in my painting too. Maybe I should change it's name to INSPIRE!!

(posted on 11 Feb 2014)

We surprised a lot of people with our energetic show of works by myself Rod Winning and Dennis SNL Walsh. The show was perfectly hung by our gallery manager and friend Lea Price. We did a lot of marketing via print, newspaper and social media surprise art show facebook page to ensure a good turnout. Then of course the work to get paintings done and ready to hang.

We instituted a dot system where each attendee placed a red dot on their fav painting of mine and fav of Dennis. I had over 300 dots on my paintings and I know which the people liked the most and just importantly which didn't get any dots. Important in future painting if one expects to make any sales although I would still have to paint for myself first.

Over 60 entries to the art contest which was juryed by FCA member Marlene Strain and her art class. Prizes will be awarded Feb 13th at the GAllery 1710 Tsawwassen BC to 7 winners Plus the winners of the draw door prizes.

The reception on Jan 30 was well attended by over 100 people who enjoyed the fab food by Corrine, Jackie and MaryAnn. One patron said ' you guys have set a new standard for art show food after 40 years of cheese & crackers'.Kudos to the cooks!

The Piano Bar entertainment in the gallery provided by Jim Olsen, professional musician, teacher and Royal Conservatory National Adudicator. Jim entertained everyone with his wide selection of music.

The continuous slide show of our works was shown to music in the Workshop Bistro, set up with coffee tables and chairs where the food was set out for all to enjoy the good food and relaxed atmosphere. We had help from several members of the South Delta Artists Guild as well as good support from the local Delta Optimist Newspaper with a nice article and photo. Our professional photographer took good pictures of our paintings and the show and people too for use in any further promotions. The Surprise Art Show facebook page will become our combined page to show up coming events. Like us there.

Thanks to all who came, bought, enjoyed, painted and had fun. I never did meet Harry Bellick but he wrote a great critique on the show. Nice to get good comments and reports.Sea Passage

(posted on 24 Jan 2014)

Surprise! Rod Winning and Dennis Walsh

This is our first at show at a REAL art gallery. Gallery 1710, the South Delta Artists Guild gallery at 1710 56th St. Tsawwassen BC is the best little art gallery south of the Fraser.

It's a lot of work promoting the show to make sure friends, colleagues, relatives and associates attend and then to get people we don't even know yet is another task. Reception night food, entertainment, fun, painting, presentations all take time to organize. Business Cards, posters, letters, Facebook, Linkedin, Guild website, personal website, blogs, on on on

When do we actually get more paintings done, some new stuff to put in with the old paintings. Will they like them. Will Dennis's be better than mine, Will we be lonely sitting there for 9 hours a day? Well it's only a week so why not. It's a great chance to show off our work and hopefully get a few compliments. I've been busy identifying all my work with name card with prices but thought I'd put that on the back of the painting and just have a list ( catalog ) with prices so anyone could see how the prices range and check on any particular painting. I have also make up story cards so each framed painting will have a name and story. I'll have lots of unframed paintings and the matted paintings which have been put into sleeves and prices reasonably to sell. Ill have them iin tubs so anyone interested can flip through them at their leisure.

We have a lot of support from some Guild members and we're looking forward to this event.


We'd like to get discovered by someone who would ask us to show our works downtown or at least somewhere different. Maybe you're that person. Come and see our show and have some fun.

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