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(posted on 31 Oct 2013)

Have you ever looked at the faces of people on the street, in the shops, on the busses, hoping to see that someone you used to know? The one that got away? Dr Zhivago looking for Lara?

Do you see shapes and 'things' in the clouds or stop the car to watch the sunset or get up early to see a sunrise? Do you look at trees, bushes, flowers and mountains and think how they stand out from each other, how the shadows define thier shapes or how individual they all are? I guess I've always been a dreamer and have always taken an interest but not like I have since taking my first watercolour classes in 2009. Ever since, I see all these things differently, as objects to be admired, studied, painted.

Well it's pretty obvious that no artist can paint everything they see. That's a really tough part. All those subjects and so little time. I see why Van Gogh and Monet just couldn't handle the stress of trying to focus on just a few things. How are we going to zero in on the few subjects we can actually paint? how can we multiply our efforts to do more? Which subjects will I paint? So many questions, so much stress, how do artists handle it? Painting is supposed to be calming and therapeutic, time consuming and easy on the brain. Perfect for retired people who have got themselves out of the rat race.

Is there an answer or is it just the way it is. I'll just keep painting and appreciate the fact that people enjoy my art. It hangs in our home and in some friends homes. It has been purchased by nrealated patrons that love it and hang it in prominent places in their homes. Even got a couple of paintings hanging in England. Okay then, that shoud be enough to keep me going, shouldn't it. Rod Winnng Artist